Hey everybody! It’s been awhile since the epic explosion of art, music, and community that was Big Love 2015. We danced, we learned, we stretched, we ate, and we mingled. We created some wonderful memories at the last festival (and the first one!) and we hope to create even more amazing ones at the next festival!
Our team has already started to think about how to make next year’s festival more energetic, fun, and engaging. We’ve been in search of a new venue to take the festival to the next level, and we think we’ve hit the jackpot. We have HUGE love for Musica, Uncorked, Urban Eats, and all our friends that work there, but we are growing much to quickly to be contained within that building.
We’re proud to announce that our new location for next year is… Summit Artspace!! We will be filling the entire building with art (although, we heard there’s already a lot there ;)), music, and community. All three floors!
Stay tuned as we plan for the next festival! We will be announcing more and more exciting news as we get closer to March! And if you want to get involved, please email “bigloveakron@gmail.com” with your interest.
In the meantime, check out our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery for highlights from the last festival 🙂

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