NOHO / Cascade Valley: North & Howard

Meetings happening now! Last Tuesday of Every Month (June to October) / 5:30 pm 

Main Facilitators: Dan Sarvis & Gina Burk

Goals: Reclaimative Space. Honor the Park System, Kids & Nature

This historic district, a place where nature meets with industry, has been  torn apart and reconstructed ever since the Black Jazz District was pushed out in order to install Route 59. Honoring and revealing the historic significance of the neighborhood, coalescing a sense of identity, and creating a safe way for children to cross Howard Street are the top priorities. A street mural will be enacted in 2018.




Main Facilitators: Beth Vild & David Swirsky / Site Lead: Dan Sarvis

Outcomes: The neighborhood came together to design and develop a street mural to celebrate NOHO as Akron’s historic black jazz district. This mural will also serve as a way to safely help children cross the street. Mural installation is set for Summer 2018.