Help us reach our fundraising goal!

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*All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal agent, Global Ties Akron*

We come to you to ask your support in our experience and cause. With even a modest donation of $100, a musician or artist can be sponsored. If we can raise only a few thousand dollars, we can provide all the materials for the artists to turn our new venue, the Summit Art Space into a new and creatively empowering environment for the day! Plus, we can purchase the compostable utensils and plates needed to keep our mission of zero waste attainable. We also have other levels at $250 (Big Love), $1000 (Bigger Love) and a “Biggest Love” Sponsor at $2500 and are open to other sponsorship terms, like sponsoring a stage or a room, etc. Each sponsor above $100 will be added to all printed and online materials, and will be thanked often throughout the event. $100 sponsors will be mentioned and linked to online, as well as thanked at the event.

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