Akron City Repair

The The Big Love Network‘s latest project, Akron City Repair , is in motion!

In case you haven’t heard, Akron City Repair

  • facilitates creative placemaking through projects that empower local residents to create spaces that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.
  • provides support, resources, and opportunities to help diverse communities reclaim the culture, power, and joy that we all deserve.
  • hosts facilitator and community trainings in leadership development, natural building, resource management, and participatory neighbor-led design principles. 

Akron City Repair culminates in a four day, city-wide placemaking festival on September 16 – 19. This event will consist of people implementing their co-created, neighbor-led designs at four sites around Akron! Locations include Cascade Valley (North & Howard), West Hill (Crosby & Oakdale), Middlebury, and Summit Lake (Edison & Long).

Each evening of the installation will end with a community gathering called Love On Akron (a Village Building Experience!) complete with panel discussion, workshops, food, networking, music, and healing modalities at The Well CDC located at 647 E. Market Street, Akron, OH 44304! More details below!

If you are interested in volunteering during the installations or at Love On Akron, please fill out this form to sign up. https://goo.gl/forms/AO9fyBMct3Cau1MB3

Questions on volunteering (or anything else!) can be directed to bigloveakron@gmail.com!

Love On Schedule: 

Friday, September 16 (6-10 pm): The Re-Identification of the Rubber City
6 – 7: Networking & Dinner (Ms. Julie’s Kitchen & Compass Coffee)
7 – 8: The Re-Identification of the Rubber City Panel Discussion with James Hardy (moderator), Jason Segedy, Michael Marras, David Giffels, Tony Troppe, Ameer Williamson, Jennifer Toles, Ian Patrick Schwarber,Brad Savage, Kara Ulmer, and Kristoffer “KC” Carter
8 – 8:15: Yoga/Meditation with Kristoffer “KC” Carter (This Epic Life)
8:30 – 9:30: Building Our Own Myths and Legends Workshop with Blue Green
8:30 – 10: Zach & The Bright Lights – Soul & Inspiring Indie Folk Rock
8:30 – 10: Donation-based Healing Modalities with Shay Somerville-Shropshire & Ashley Suzelis

Saturday, September 17 (6 pm – midnight): The Caring Economy
6 – 7: Networking & Dinner (Ms. Julie’s Kitchen & Compass Coffee)
7 – 8: The Caring Economy Panel Discussion with Nancy Lynn Holland (moderator), Greta A. Lax, Julie Costell, Beth Knorr, Ace Epps, Kyle Julien, Zac Kohl
8 – 8:15: Yoga/Meditation with Nancy Lynn Holland (Akron’s Blue Hen Yoga, Free Akron Yoga)
8:30 – 9:45: DJ Chaka – Spinning Reggae, Hip-hop, Afro-beat
8:30 – 9:30: The Way of Permaculture with Steve Larson & Brandon Myers
8:30 – 10: Donation-based Healing Modalities with Jeffrey Zayda (Massage & Healing Arts)
10 – 11:30: DJ Kevin Richards – Hip Hop, Indie, & Soul

Sunday, September 18 (6 – 10 pm): Ecosystems of Problem Solving: Peacebuilding
6 – 7: Networking & Dinner (The Square Scullery &Compass Coffee)
7 – 8: The Ecosystem of Problem Solving: A Peace Building Discussion Panel with Zach Freidhof (moderator), Darrita Davis, Larry Terkel, Kyle Jozsa, Bronlynn Thurman, Swami Sankarananda, Dr. Bill Lyons, Duane Crabbs
8 – 8:15: Yoga/Meditation with Larry Terkel (Spiritual Life Society & Yoga Center of Hudson)
8:30 – 9:30: Effective Methods for Change: Peacebuilding in our Time with Swami Sankarananda
8:30 – 10: Donation-based Healing Modalities with Amanda Baluch
8:30 – 10: Acid Cats

• Monday, September 19 (6 – 10 pm): Akron City Repair Process & Next Steps
6 – 7: Networking & Dinner (The Square Scullery & Compass Coffee)
7 – 8: Akron City Repair Process & Next Steps: A Conversation with the Facilitators with John Valle, Beth Vild, David Swirsky, Zach Freidhof, and others
8 – 8:15: Shaolin Kung Fu with Travis Young Tiger Lee (The House of Kung Fu)
8:30 – 9:30: Tactical Urbanism with Marissa Blewitt
8:30 – 10: Donation-based Healing Modalities with  Amanda Baluch & Shay Somerville-Shropshire
8:30 – 10: Gretchen Pleuss




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